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To-Go Orders & City Pork Eats
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City Pork Eats @ City Pork Catering & Events
Serving Lunch, Prepared Foods, Pick up orders, Build your own Boards, and more..

City Pork Catering offers locally made, delectable dishes with professional catering service whether it be at any of our locations, in your home or at a venue for 1000. We also offer daily lunch specials, City Pork Favorites Sandwiches and Take home dinners Monday through Friday.

Our catering staff is experienced and ready to accommodate any event…

We specialize in Cochon De Lait, business lunches, tailgates, weddings, family gatherings, informal parties at home, party pick up dinners, cheese & charcuterie, or any cause for celebration.

We are also available for staffing, rentals, wines, beers, beverage service and anything you may need to make your event a success.

City Pork Catering can make dishes from any of our 3 locations and our staff is more than happy to help you with any ideas you may have… or you can choose from any of our catering packages and menus.